Happy Hour

La Fondita de Leo is a family restaurant that enjoys the company of good people with good food and drink. We offer lunch specials, happy hour, and a quality Caribbean food dishes for you to enjoy with our wide variety of menu items and drinks.

All of our seafood dishes are made fresh right from our kitchen and onto your plates. Whether you order our signature Chicken Mofongo or Can Can Pork Chop, we ensure that all of your food is a fresh and made perfectly to your liking.

Whether you are visiting us for happy hour at our Caribbean cuisine or want to taste our delectable lunch specials, we ensure that your meals are made with utmost integrity. From our tasty fresh fish to our state-of-the-art shrimp with garlic sauce, all of our dishes contain the captivating flavors.

If you’ve fallen in love with our delicious food and want to enjoy it with your family and friends, we also provide an efficient take out food service. It is our greatest pleasure to invite you and your family to our lunch and dinner specials at La Fondita de Leo in Clearwater, FL.